We certify e-stores that sell goods and services.

Right now 99 SEK / month!

How Do I Get Certified?

In order to become certified, the following requirements must be met.

  • The company must be registered in Sweden.
  • The company must not have any payment note.
  • The company may be insolvent.
  • The company must not be bankrupt or have filed for bankruptcy.
  • The e-store must clearly show the contact details
  • The e-store will use data traffic encryption (SSL)
  • The company & E-shop must comply with GDPR

By Certifying your site, the customer feels a greater…



Which increases sales and conversion rate.

The certificate can be revoked if…

  • Violates Swedish law.
  • Does not meet our requirements to become certified.
  • Do not respond to communications within a reasonable time.
  • Violates the Marketing Act.
  • Have unregulated debts tied to the certification.
  • Unresolved customer complaints.
  • Has an excessive number of complaints.


Shop Safe is a registered trademark! Using the labeling without being approved Handla Trygt certified means trademark infringement and fraud, which will be reported to the police.