Purchase Protection


When you shop from a certified Shop Safe store you have purchase protection from us. When you shop, make sure that the store is certified by clicking on the Shop Safe brand. You should then come to a page with us that verifies the store.

  • The store must have been Certified Shop Safe when the order was placed.
  • Applies only to physical products.
  • Applies only to Swedish individuals over 18 years of age.
  • Does not apply to items ordered to a mailbox, sent as a letter or item letter.
  • A receipt for the entire payment and bank statements must be presented.
  • The payment is made after the repayment has been tried at the card issuer or other payer.
  • Covers a maximum of SEK 5000 per person and shop.
  • The complaint must be filed no later than 1 month after the order date.
  • The payment must have been made if we paid a bill of exchange, not cash or bank transfer.
  • The purchase protection only applies if the customer has not received the goods and no refund from the store.
  • The buyer must be provided with information that WebEasy (Shop Safe) needs to investigate the matter.
  • The purchase protection only applies to financial compensation for loss of money, nothing else.


Shop Safe is a registered trademark! Using the labeling without being approved Handla Trygt certified means trademark infringement and fraud, which will be reported to the police.